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Author: Stewart

How to setup wifi on phone?

How to setup wifi on phone? The growing technology has brought many advancements and the most amazing invention among them is the introduction of wifi. It is the one which enables the user to get connected to the internet with the help of the wireless device. There are many ways to connect the internet to a system or mobile phones and the best one is to connect the internet with the help of the wifi. It is the wireless form of connecting to the internet and people can easily connect this to their mobile phones quickly. Other than connecting...

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My Wi-Fi not working

My Wi-Fi not working Wi-Fi not working is one of the most common tech problems we are all going to have to deal with on a regular basis. Unfortunately, when you’re Wi-Fi goes down it is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward to get up and running again as it probably should be. In fact, it can be a real headache and hassle – and, in some rare circumstances, it can be a total nightmare! Thankfully though, when you’re Wi-Fi isn’t working the way it should be there are a handful of pretty simple and straightforward things you...

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How to set up wifi on computer

How to set up wifi on computer We are living in the era where devices become wireless. Nowadays internet has become an essential part of every human being. Internet is used for every purpose in the most of the aspect of our life. The uses of internet are wide and phenomenal. From the children to the old people everybody needs internet, such a circumstance has evolved. We can’t say that man will not be able to live without internet but we can say man uses internet in various parts of his life. The wide range of advantages of internet...

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Detailed information about WiFi and how it works

Detailed information about WiFi and how it works No one can imagine a life without internet WiFi. It has become the most essential thing that people needs in their daily routine. As number of internet users is increasing day by day, the demand of the internet is increasing. Everyone wants to get access to internet everywhere. But it is not possible to extend a wired internet connection in all places and also individuals cannot access them as easily as they expect. To overcome these problems, wireless internet connection has been introduced and as the result people are able to get...

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Simple ways to trouble the connectivity problem in Wi-Fi

Simple ways to trouble the connectivity problem in Wi-Fi With a Wi-Fi connection, people are able to use a wireless internet connection. Unlike the past days, they do not need to sit in a place and plug a wire into their computer to use internet. They can roam around anywhere and use internet with any devices that supports Wi-Fi. Since the emergence of this technology everyone has started to use this. There are many advantages in this network setup. However sometimes people will face some issues in using the internet through this Wi-Fi network. But there is some solution...

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