wifi on computer

How to set up wifi on computer

We are living in the era where devices become wireless. Nowadays internet has become an essential part of every human being. Internet is used for every purpose in the most of the aspect of our life. The uses of internet are wide and phenomenal. From the children to the old people everybody needs internet, such a circumstance has evolved. We can’t say that man will not be able to live without internet but we can say man uses internet in various parts of his life. The wide range of advantages of internet includes cooking, education, entertainment, and news, and communication by means of text, voice and video. So internet has become an unavoidable and important resource of life and it is really useful if it is handled in a right way with right intention.

A short note on types of internet connections

The internet has been available to people in various forms in various periods. The types of connection are as following:

  • In the beginning we could get internet only through cable lines
  • Then ISDN through the telephone cables and TV cable lines
  • Broadband with multiple channels
  • Satellite connection and Wifi

Wifi Technology

Wifi is termed as wireless network introduced by Wi-Fi alliance in the year 1985. In the beginning it is used by some organizations for testing and not familiar commercially. It has gained the popularity in US when it is released for commercial use in 1990’s and then it has become one of the most used connections in various organizations all over the world.  The term Wifi means wireless fidelity which is nothing but the reliability of internet connection without using wire. In the beginning days of internet till the inception of Wifi technology, the internet is connected through cables as we have discussed already and we need hardware such as hub, switches, router and receivers to connect internet to the devices.

The Wifi technology has brought a drastic change in the internet communication in computers where the connection has become easier and reliable to connect wifi on computer and on various devices. The Wifi connection benefits the user in terms of fast connection and easy availability in all regions even in interior areas. Wifi connection can be connected to any device easily. This is the best part of this technology that draws millions of users. With a given area limit, you can connect wifi on computer, mobile phone, laptop and any gadgets with Wifi facility. Usually Laptops, mobile phones and gadgets provide Wifi connecting facility but to connect Wifi on computer you need a Wifi receiver or adaptor or cable and experience internet facility in the computer. If you don’t want any cable to connect Wifi to computer better choose quality Wifi adaptors. There are number of branded Wifi adaptors that serve better quality Wifi connection.


Wifi connection and Setup

A reliable Wifi modem or dongle plugged into plug point gives Wifi internet connection to your devices within a limited area or specific diameter, such as 50 ft, 100 ft for example. The modem you use gives you the limit to connect devices. The basic Wifi modem these days, allows you to have Wifi access on 5 devices. This device limit varies as per the type of modem you purchase. The Wifi connection with the computer is done with few little steps of configuration. If you learn it, you will be able to do it easily without assistance from anybody. Let us discuss about the Wifi connection setup.

Basically you will need:

  1. Wireless router and
  2. 2. a computer or laptop with inbuilt wireless adaptor or external adaptor

Usually the wireless adaptors are available inbuilt in advanced laptops but not in desktop PC’s. In such condition you can purchase a wireless adaptor/receiver separately to get your PC connected with Wifi access or you can connect Wifi device/router through cable as we have discussed earlier. Once you have got all the needed equipments you can start the installation. To configure the router to your computer either a Wifi routers with antennae or Wifi modem or dongle, start installation using the given installation CD. If you are not provided with installation CD you may connect wifi router or the wifi modem to the computer and you will have set up file in the auto-run menu, where you can click for installation. When you choose a Wifi router or dongle, don’t forget to consider the speed, the number of connections, bandwidth and most importantly the WPA-2 security technology. The WPA-2 key security allows you to have password facility to secure your connection from unauthorized access.

Once you have done the installation, now you have to deal with the Wifi connection settings. Configure the Wifi settings by using the URL This is a common IP address which takes you the login credentials page of your ADSL line and Wifi settings to access wifi on computer or laptop. Basically the login credentials would be admin as a user name and same for password. Then you will be able to see the configuration settings page where the IP addresses, security information. Under the security information choose the authentication type as WPA2-PSK as security type and you will be directed to see the assigned password for your Wifi network. You can change the password and set up your own password in which you are interested to have. Then click save and the settings will be saved.

Now click start menu and right click computer and then properties choose device manager. Now check the list of adaptors. It the Wifi adaptor you have configured is listed (it should be), click the adaptor and click connect. It will ask you the security key which is the password you have given in the network authentication page under Wifi configuration settings page. Once you give the password/security key and click connect automatically you will not be asked to type security key every time you connect the Wifi connection. Now you can enjoy the high speed wifi on computer and other devices based on your plan.