Detailed information about WiFi and how it works

No one can imagine a life without internet WiFi. It has become the most essential thing that people needs in their daily routine. As number of internet users is increasing day by day, the demand of the internet is increasing. Everyone wants to get access to internet everywhere. But it is not possible to extend a wired internet connection in all places and also individuals cannot access them as easily as they expect. To overcome these problems, wireless internet connection has been introduced and as the result people are able to get internet at all places.

Today most of the people are using WiFi but they will not have a clear idea about what is WiFi and how it works. Actually WiFi is a short form of the term Wireless Fidelity. This is a wireless network that makes use of 802.11 standards which is developed by IEEE. The WiFi gives the liberty to the users to access internet from anywhere and at anytime. The WiFi uses the radio technology hence the connection will be safe and consistent by using the radio bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The need of the bands will depend on the hardware which is used for sharing the path. The WiFi uses various spectrums such as DSSS and FHSS. Also it utilizes various standards such as 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n.

These days, many of the hotels, restaurants, railway station, airports and many other public places are facilitated with WiFi access therefore it becomes easy for the people to get the internet connection and access the things they want. Similarly many of the home businesses are using the wifi hotspot for the internet accessibility. Generally many people would have heard about the term WiFi Hotspot but they will not have any idea about what does it mean. The hotspot can be defined as a location where the users can access the internet through a wireless connection. Most of the hotspots which have been implemented in the public places will be free and some of them will be blocked.

However when you get the access to wifi hotspot at public places or at your home, you will have to ensure that your device is having the proper gears for the connection. If you are having latest computers or laptops then they will be having the wireless transmitter in it therefore there will not be any issues in connecting that with WiFi. But if your device is not having the needed setup then you will have to get a wireless adapter and plug it in your system. That will give the ability to the device to connect with the WiFi network.

Once after the installation, your device will find the available WiFi networks in the nearby location. When you are able to see those networks, you can confirm that your system is enabled with the WiFi ability. In this way you can easily get connected with the public WiFi as well as home WiFi network.

Generally every WiFi devices will be having a particular range within that they are able to operate. Most of them can cover the area about 100 feet towards every direction. This is possible even if the walls of home can block the signal. You can access them with a computer or other suitable devices. However if you are using number of computers then you will have to implement a wireless network router and connect them to operate efficiently. The WiFi router is not only used to connect computers but also digital cameras, mobile phones, mp3 players as well as printer. However you have to ensure that your WiFi network is properly protected because there are many chances for hackers to attack the network. Therefore you have to be very cautious in this case.


Many people will let their WiFi connection as open and hence any person can access that with the owner’s permission. This will be the pathway for the strangers to hack your network. However there are some protection measures which can keep the strangers away from the wifi hotspot. In the earlier days, people used Wired Equivalency Privacy for the WAN security. That was the standard one which was preferred by many people to protect their WiFi setup. But the hackers have discovered many things to hack that security. But the loop holes in the security measures have been fixed and the WiFi protected Access Version 2 is (WPA2) being used for the WiFi security.

This security method is using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) based on the setup that you are choosing. The main reason for this is AES is the most efficient encryption method which cannot be attacked by the hackers. In the WPA2 security the users are supposed to enter the network by specifying the password. Therefore no one can easily access the wifi hotspot. Similarly there is another security system which is used in the recent days. The Media Access Control (MAC) filtering is the recent one and it has many differences when compared with the previous security measures.

The MAC address filtering will allow the systems which are already registered with the network. Therefore while setting up a WiFi network, you have to specify the MAC addresses which can access the network. If you enter your system’s address alone, then no other users can use the WiFi. In this way, you are able to give WiFi access to only those who are familiar with you. If you do not consider this as a serious factor then anyone can enter into your network and exhaust all your data.

Normally every WiFi connection will have a data limit and the person can use the internet until it is over. The limit of data will be fixed by the service provider and it will be based on the service package that you are choosing. Today many service providers have been emerged hence you can explore all their packages and offers and find out the suitable as well as affordable package to implement wifi hotspot in your home or any place.